A Service Lectern for Customers

Lectern is a misunderstood word.  It is what the preacher stands behind to deliver a sermon.  And, it is too often mislabeled a podium…which is a raised platform or dais on which a lectern is often placed.  Lecterns play diverse roles in the performance world.

I was attending a community gathering at the performing arts auditorium in the center of town.  The CEO of a local company used the lectern to welcome everyone.  A minister used it to give an opening prayer.  Two young people used it to hide their obvious nervousness as they sang a short duet.  The Chamber president used it to drape a banner as he made announcements about an upcoming fund raiser.  Then, it was moved to the side of the stage where it was used to brace a spotlight for the performance we were all there to enjoy.

Customer service can be a lectern to help get service to your customers.  But, if your customers viewed your service as a lectern, how would they judge its role in getting to them their needs?  Is it invisible, a prop, a way to hide things, or a vital centerpiece warranting a prominent place on your podium of support?

About Chip&John

Chip R. Bell and John R. Patterson are customer loyalty consultants and the authors of several best-selling books. Their newest book is "Wired and Dangerous: How Your Customers Have Changed and What to do About it."
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