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Flowers for Customers

Flowers are warm expressions of affection, compassion and interest.  We dial the florist at Easter for lilies.  During winter holidays we send people poinsettias.  On Mother’s day we order her roses.  A dozen red roses delivered to the office is … Continue reading

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Is Your Service a Means or an End?

I have a new handyman.  And, Mike is terrific.  It all started with a simple chore—power washing a sidewalk and applying a concrete sealer.  I had power washed it before but the sycamore trees nearby had stained the concrete so … Continue reading

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Hyperactive Listening

Take a close look at the photo.  It happens to be Chip’s youngest granddaughter, Cassie.  It could be your son, daughter, grandchild or someone special to you.  Now, imagine you are in a quiet, undistracted conversation with your “Cassie.”  If … Continue reading

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Keep Your Customers Singing

It is fascinating that “singing” has been used as an alert or warning phrase––“Not over until the fat lady sings” or “canary in a coal mine.”  When customers “sing” it can be a cry for communication.  Great service providers encourage … Continue reading

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Great Service Leaders Connect

“Doors!” the sound tech’s voice boomed.  And hundreds of employees poured into the giant hotel ballroom.  Room lights dimmed as the spotlights bathed the massive stage revealing a colorful, themed background.  Sounding like the voice of God, the sound tech … Continue reading

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