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Imaginative Service: Be a Service Innovator

When Al Hopkins a young boy he watched the other ten-year-olds wait for customers to stop by their sidewalk lemonade stands in the hot summer sun.  Al abandoned the “stand” concept and took his lemonade business door-to-door.  He made enough … Continue reading

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Character: The Handmaiden of Innovation

“Would your work practices change if your son or daughter was watching you in order to learn life lessons?” my business partner, John Patterson asked a group of senior leaders.  The company was famous for its profit at any cost … Continue reading

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Great Service is Summer Camp

It is the season of summer camp!  Chip’s eight year old granddaughter, Kaylee, is going to her first overnight camp…for two weeks and in another state!  When she is talking with her two sisters about summer camp, you can hear … Continue reading

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Walk on the Left; Stand on the Right

This is not a political blog.  But the familiar sign at the start of most airport moving sidewalks carries a subtle but powerful message about great customer service—walk on the left; stand on the right.  The political left is associated … Continue reading

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